Welcome to our new website!

Hello and welcome to the new website of Wallasey Spiritualist Church!

We appreciate that the site is small, but IT is not a strong point of the church committee so we have this little site so we can spread the word about the church and keep everyone up to date with what is going on at church.

We hold services each Sunday (6.30pm - Divine Service, donations) and Tuesday (7.45pm - Demonstration of mediumship, £2 per person) and everyone is welcome. Chldren under 16 should be accompanied by an adult. We'll do our best to keep the website updated with a list of upcoming mediums and this information is also available on the board outside the church, at the end of church services and on our Facebook page.

In addition, we have spiritual healing on Wednesdays between 2-3pm and everyone is welcome to come along.

We also have an Open Circle that is held on a Monday evening from 7.30pm (Age 16+, £3 per person) but it is taking a break and will be back after the summer holidays on Monday 7th September 2015. This is a change to the previously advertised date of 14th September. 

If you haven't yet been to the church, but would like to, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Best wishes, the Church Committee xx