Welcome To The Website Of Wallasey Spiritualist Church

Our Church is a friendly Church, which extends a ‘warm welcome’ to all visitors, both old and new.

” Strangers are just friends we have not yet met “

We hope that after visiting our website and, or our Facebook page, you will join us in our church in the future and enjoy our services amongst friends.

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If you have never been inside a spiritualist church before, you may like to know more of what spiritualists believe and what to expect during services. Hopefully, the information provided on this page will prove to be helpful and offer you some reassurance should you feel a little nervous about paying us your first visit.

We embrace the philosophy and principles of Spiritualism, which is a recognised religion in the United Kingdom.
However, Spiritualism embraces all faiths and creeds as we believe in the One God, One Creator.
Whichever religious background you have will be embraced by the Spiritualist movement.

We recognise that people attend our services for a variety of reasons, including the loss of a loved one and curiosity.
Whatever brings you to our Church, you will be greeted with warmth and respect.

We are like-minded souls who all share a desire to enjoy happiness, health, peace and prosperity in this earthly existence. We recognise that even better things await us in the next life and bring evidence that spiritual life continues after life in the physical body has ceased.

When you enter our Church, you will be greeted by a member of the Church committee who will welcome you, provide you with a hymn book and offer you a seat. All our services open and close in prayer, and we like to sing hymns during service to provide upliftment.

Services providing demonstration of mediumship involve medium(s) giving messages to individuals from the Church rostrum.
Through the demonstration, the medium offers evidence of survival to prove that our loved ones who have gone before us are still around us, love us as they always did, know what is going on in our lives and often offer advice.

Spirit contact is thought-generated by both the medium and contacting spirit. This initial contact is often referred to as “making a link.”
The medium has made a request by thought for a communicator to come forward…
Once a link is established, the spirit person will often want to prove his or her identity. The spirit communicators will transmit thoughts about themselves to the medium, and the medium will be able to interpret these thoughts and describe the person to you.

During the demonstration of clairvoyance, the medium will pick out people in the congregation, one at a time, and will pass on information that is being given to him/her by the spirit communicator. This is evidence to prove their survival. The types of evidence that is often given are, names, places were they may have lived, worked, their hobbies and personalities, perhaps memories known only to the spirit person and the recipient, and other information. The more specific the information, the better is the evidence.

Great care is taken by the mediums who work in our Church not to present information which would embarrass or offend.
If you are fortunate enough to receive a message, you should only answer the medium with a yes or no. If you tell them anything, it may be something the spirit person wishes to convey, and then the opportunity for giving that evidence is lost.

Due to the shortage of time, Church mediums are unable to provide messages to everyone in attendance during any given service.
We do occasionally provide opportunities for people to arrange private sittings with Church mediums.
These are usually held on a Saturday. Please ask a member of the committee for further information.

Specials, Workshops and Private Sittings, will be advertised on the events page as and when they are available.

Every demonstration of mediumship has always to be regarded as an experiment, as specific results cannot be promised.
If you do not get the evidence at your first visit, give spiritualism a chance, and come again. You will always be welcome.

We ask that you attend services punctually, and show courtesy and respect to those in attendance at all times.
Please remember you are in a House of God and behave accordingly.

We ask that mobile phones be switched off during service.

Please do not bring in or consume food or drink during the service.
We provide tea or coffee after services involving mediumship for a small contribution.

Have no expectations, you may really want to connect with one specific relative, but there is a good chance they may not come through. Mediums cannot just ask a certain spirit to come through, when a medium works with spirit, spirit decides who is coming through. Keep your mind open and welcome whoever comes through during the service.

Should a medium wish to speak to you during a demonstration of mediumship, we ask that you greet them in a clear voice
and only provide “Yes”, “no” or “sorry I cannot take that” answers to the evidence they present to you from Spirit.
“Sorry I can’t take that/understand that” encourages the medium to work harder,or look for the person that the message may really be for. Please do not give the medium any more information as this can be considered as feeding the medium.

Once you start to speak back to the medium, your voice reinforces the link that they have between you and the Spirit trying to reach you. Think as it as one of those old fashioned telephone exchanges, with the plugs and wires who had to try and join up the two callers.

Please be aware that often a message we get can be confirmed and explained at a later date, information from family etc.
This is often the best type of evidence for you. Do give feedback to the medium if you get the chance.

The church is very much reliant on the generosity of its congregation and we would be very grateful for your contribution.
We take collections in order to help maintain the Church and to cover expenses such as fuel bills, and the visiting mediums’ fees etc.
(Everyone involved in running the Church does so on a voluntary basis).

In the Spiritualist movement, the service is officiated by the medium
whose task it is through the Demonstration to prove that there is ‘life after life’.
Please come along and have your faith restored in your eternal soul!

Come and visit us – You may come as a stranger, but you will certainly leave as a friend.
Above all else, we ask that you relax and enjoy your visit!


It will be assumed that all who attend the services are happy to receive a spirit contact from the medium.
If this is not the case, then please let the medium know should they come to you.

Mediums do occasionally have to cancel at short notice due to factors outside our control.
Mediums may therefore be subject to change and we cannot guarantee that the advertised medium will take the service.


We wish to inform any visitor to the church that any message given is a form of experiment and it is up to the individual to validate its authenticity. Results can never be guaranteed.
The act of communicating with our loved ones who have passed to spirit before us is a normal part of our religion.